Kiel: Schauspielhaus

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Schleswig-Holstein
City: Kiel
Location: Holtenauer Straße 103

[First theatre on the site opened 1890 as "Tivoli" summer theatre. 1898 renamed "Schiller-Theater". 1100 seats. Demolished in 1906 due to fire safety concerns.]

New theatre opened 23 May 1907 as "Kleines Theater". Used for comedies and operettas by the municipal theatre companies. 600 seats. From 1945 used as main building of the municipal theatre (because the Opernhaus had been demolished in World War II), renamed "Neues Stadttheater". In February 1946 site of the first meetings of the new Schleswig-Holstein Landtag parliament. After the rebuilding of the Opernhaus in 1953, the Neues Stadttheater was converted into a cinema. Re-opened 4 Sep 1953 as "Tivoli Filmtheater". 550 seats. Since ca. 1958 again used as drama theatre by the municipal theatre company, renamed "Schauspielhaus". 1996-1998 major rebuildings, installation of a studio theatre. Main hall: 400 seats, studio: 100 seats.

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Kiel: Schauspielhaus Front Text: "Kiel, Kleines Theater"
Publisher: Hermann Edlefsen, Kiel
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Sent: from Kiel to Marseille (France), 1910

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