Karlsruhe: Alter Schlachthof

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Baden-Württemberg
City: Karlsruhe
Location: Oststadt; Alter Schlachthof / Durlacher Allee / Messplatz

Built as a slaughterhouse complex. Closed 2006. From 2010 converted into a cultural centre with variuos venues and institutions, including "Kulturzentrum Tollhaus".

Links: alterschlachthof-karlsruhe.de, Wikipedia

Karlsruhe: Alter Schlachthof Front Text: "Karlsruhe Kreativpark", sign: "Alter Schlachthof"
Reverse Text: "Karlsruhe"
Publisher: Kunstverlag Michel & Co., Frankfurt am Main; 4028563100001
Size: 17.5 x 12.0 cm
Not sent.

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