Jessen (Elster): Kreiskulturhaus Drushba

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Sachsen-Anhalt
District: Landkreis Wittenberg
City: Jessen (Elster)
Location: Schlo▀weg 36

District house of culture, opened 2 Oct 1969. Named after the Russian word for friendship ("druzhba"), alluding to "German-Soviet Friendship". Closed 1990. Later converted into retail space.

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Jessen (Elster): Kreiskulturhaus Drushba Front Text: "HOG 'Kreiskulturhaus Drushba' Jessen/Elster"
Publisher: Konsum Fotocolor, Magdeburg; A 8356 N 2/71 IV-14-45 E 1112
Type: Real Photo
Size: Modern
Sent: from Jessen to Saalburg, 1976

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