Jena: Theaterhaus

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Thüringen
City: Jena
Location: Schillergässchen 1

Built 1872 as "Köhlersches Etablissement". Opened 14 Oct 1872 with the musical comedy "Auf eigenen Füßen". 800 seats. 1886 rebuilding and extension. 980 seats. 1900 purchased by the city of Jena, renamed "Stadttheater". 1921-1922 major rebuilding of exterior, auditorium and foyers by Walter Gropius. Re-opened 24 Sep 1922 with Goethe's "Toquato Tasso". 1948 rebuilding and extension, destroying all visible contributions of Walter Gropius in modernist style. 1953-1956 rebuilding of the stagehouse. Closed 1987. 1987 demolition of the auditorium tract, to make place for a replacement auditorium that was never built. From 1989 the ruin was again used by theatrical groups, with both actors and audience located on the former stage. In this setting the theatre was officially re-opened 29 Nov 1991 as "Theaterhaus Jena".

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Jena: Theaterhaus Front Text: "Jena, Stadt-Theater"
Publisher: Verlag von Walter Lüdke, Jena
Type: Undivided Back
Size: Classic
Sent: from Jena to München, 1907

Jena: Theaterhaus Front Text: sign: "Stadttheater Jena"
Reverse Text: "Jena, Stadttheater"
Publisher: Auslese-Bild-Verlag, Bad Saluzungen; V 11 50 s 1/77 09 10 32 013
Type: Real Photo
Size: Modern
Not sent.

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