Heidelberg: Theater

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Baden-Württemberg
City: Heidelberg
Location: Theaterstraße 10

Also known as "Städtische Bühne" or "Stadttheater".

Built 1853 by Friedrich Lendorf. Opened 31 Oct 1853 with Friedrich Schiller's "Die Braut von Messina". Various additions and renovations. 1924-1925 rebuilding. 1978-1979 rebuilding. 1990 addition of a foyer. Closed 2006 due to structural damages.

2009-2012 major rebuilding and addition of the "Marguerre-Saal" as main hall (ca. 600 seats), named in honour of the major sponsor, Wolfgang Marguerre. Opened 24 Nov 2012 with Tchaikovsky's "Mazeppa". The old theatre hall ("Alter Saal") is still part of the complex (324 seats) and used for drama performances.

Home to the opera, drama, ballet, youth theatre companies and the Philharmonisches Orchester der Stadt Heidelberg (all operated as "Theater und Orchester Heidelberg").

Notable world premieres:

  • Hans Werner Henze: Das Wundertheater (7 May 1949)
  • Franz Xaver Kroetz: Oberösterreich (11 Oct 1972)
  • Ulrich Hub: Die Beleidigten (7 June 1998)

Links: www.theaterheidelberg.de, Wikipedia

Heidelberg: Theater Picture: left: Marie Held as Maria in Scheffel's "Der Trompeter von Säckingen"; right: Theater
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Heidelberg: Theater Front Text: "Heidelberg a. N., Stadttheater"
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Heidelberg: Theater Picture: after the 2012 rebuilding
Front Text: "Rundum informiert [...] theaterundorchesterheidelberg"
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Heidelberg: Theater Picture: cloakroom detail
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