Hannover: GOP Varieté-Theater

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Niedersachsen
District: Region Hannover
City: Hannover
Location: Georgstraße 36 (before renumbering: Georgstraße 23)

Built 1912-1913 as "Georgspalast" retail and office building by Wilhelm Mackensen and Fritz Torno. "Café-Restaurant Georgspalast" used for concerts and as a dance café. Demolished by bombs on 9 Oct 1943. Subsequently renovated and re-opened 1947 as "GOP Varieté-Theater". 1948 installation of the "Gondel-Bar". Closed 1962. Subsequently used as restaurants or discotheque with various names. Re-opened Dec 1992 as a variety theatre. 320 seats.

Links: www.variete.de, Wikipedia

Hannover: GOP Varieté-Theater Front Text: "Georgspalast", "GOP", "Gondel"
Reverse Text: "Georgs-Palast Hannover, Georgstraße 23"
Publisher: LUX-Bildkarten-Verlag, Hannover; Lux Ha 174 G
Type: Real Photo
Size: Modern
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