Halfing: Gut Immling

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Bayern
District: Landkreis Rosenheim
City: Halfing
Location: Gut Immling

Farm and venue of an annual summer opera festival, "Festival Immling" (formerly "Chiemgauer Opernsommer"), held in a tent.

Links: www.immling.de, Wikidata

Halfing: Gut Immling Front Text: "Chiemgauer Opernsommer, Opernfestspiele auf Gut Immling"
Reverse Text: "Chiemgauer Opernsommer, Opernfestspiele auf Gut Immling, Gut Immling, 83128 Halfing"
Publisher: Chiemgauer Opernsommer; Atelier Klinger & Schug
Type: Moonlight Card
Size: Modern
Sent: from Bad Endorf to München, 1999

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