Göttingen: Stadthalle

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Niedersachsen
District: Landkreis Göttingen
City: Göttingen
Location: Albaniplatz 2

Multi-purpose hall, built 1961-1964 by Rainer Schell for the city of Göttingen. Opened 1 Sep 1964. Ca. 2000 renovations. Used for classical and popular concerts, and various other events. Also used for opera performances and concerts during the annual "Internationale Händel-Festspiele" festival.

Links: www.stadthalle-goettingen.de, www.haendel-festspiele.de, Wikipedia

Goettingen: Stadthalle Reverse Text: "Göttingen, Stadthalle"
Publisher: Lux-Ansichtskarten-Verlag, Hannover; Lux Gö 112 F
Type: Real Photo
Size: Modern
Not sent.

Goettingen: Stadthalle Reverse Text: "Universitätsstadt Göttingen, Stadthalle"
Publisher: Verlag Schöning & Co. + Gebr. Schmidt, Lübeck; Göt 7011
Size: Modern
Not sent.

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