Fürth: Evora-Saal

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Bayern
City: Fürth
Location: Pfisterstraße 3-7 / Blumenstraße 43

Built 1898-1899 als "Saalbau" for the "Saalbauverein Fürth" association. Opened 7 Aug 1899. Used for trade union meetins and for theatre performances and concerts. Also known as "Evora-Saal" after a local brewery that purchased the building in Dec 1902. The complex contained a large hall (for up to 3000 persons), a smaller hall, several function rooms and various apartments. 1921 addition of a cinema "Kristallpalast" (entrance at Blumenstraße 43). Cinema closed 1962.

The complex was destroyed by fire in 1971. Remains demolished in favour of residential buildings.

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Fuerth: Evora-Saal Picture: Großer Saal
Handwritten Front Text: "Unser Kasino-Quartier (Evora-Saal)"
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Sent: by German Forces' Postal Service, from Fürth to Steinberg bei Leutershausen, 1917

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