Fürth: Berolzheimerianum

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Bayern
City: Fürth
Location: Comödien-Platz 1 (Theresienstraße 1)

Educational and public library complex, built 1904-1906 by Otto Holzer, Alfred Ammon and Josef Zizler. Named after the German-American pencil industrialist, Heinrich Berolzheimer (1836-1906) who donated the building to the city. In 1937 renamed "Volksbildungsheim" by the Nazi regime, deleting the name of the Jewish family Berolzheimer. 1946 reopened, again as "Berolzheimerianum". Since 1998 home to the "Comödie Fürth" theatre company. 380 seats.

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Fuerth: Berolzheimerianum Front Text: "Fürth i. B., Berolzheimerianum"
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Not sent (but postmarked 1911).

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