Friedberg (Hessen): Stadthalle

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Hessen
District: Wetteraukreis
City: Friedberg
Location: Am Seebach 2

The complex contains three halls (Saal 1: 480 seats, Saal 2: 420 seats, Saal 1/Saal 2 combined: up to 1114 seats, Saal 3: up to 180 seats), various function rooms, a restaurant, and a hotel. Also known as "Georg-August-Zinn-Halle", in honour of Hessen's state president, Dr. Georg-August Zinn (1901-1969). Used for drama and musical performances, concerts, balls, congresses and various other events.


Friedberg (Hessen): Stadthalle Reverse Text: "Hotel - Restaurant's Stadthalle, Am Seebach 2, 6360 Friedberg-Hessen [...] (Gartenterrasse - Konferenzršume - 6 Bundeskegelbahnen)"
Publisher: Cramers Kunstanstalt, Dortmund; Cekade; Fri 02 76/3
Size: Modern
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