Frankfurt am Main: Funkhaus am Dornbusch

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Hessen
City: Frankfurt am Main
Location: Nordend West; Bertramstraße

Headquarters and studios of Hessischer Rundfunk (HR). Studio R is a round hall, built from 1948 by Gerhard Weber to serve as parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany (when Frankfurt was assumed to become the capital), but finished as a radio studio concert hall after Bonn had become capital. Used for classical and other concerts.


Frankfurt (Main): Funkhaus am Dornbusch Reverse Text: "Hessischer Rundfunk. Hessian Broadcasting System. Bertramstraße 8, D-6000 Frankfurt a. M. 1 Germany"
Publisher: Luftaufnahme A. Brugger, Stuttgart
Size: Modern
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Frankfurt (Main): Funkhaus am Dornbusch

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