Erlangen: Markgrafentheater

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Bayern
City: Erlangen
Location: Theaterplatz 2

Built 1715-1718 by an unknown architect for Margrave Georg Wilhelm of Brandenburg-Bayreuth. Opened 10 Jan 1719 with the opera, "Argenis und Poliarchus". 1740-1743 major interior rebuilding by Paolo Gaspari for Margrave Wilhelmine of Brandenburg-Bayreuth. Re-opened 1744 with A. Galetti's musical drama "Sirace". 1817 presented by King Ludwig I. of Bayern to the local university. Since 1817 used as university theatre. 1838 purchased by the city of Erlangen, renovated, and re-opened as "Stadttheater". 1876 renovations. 1892 auditorium renovation, new ceiling painting by Pfannenmüller. In the mid-1890s modernization of stage technology, extension by a decoration warehouse. 1903 electrification. 1958-1959 major auditorium restoration to Gaspari's 1743 plans, rebuilding of foyers, staircases and the exterior in modern style. Re-opened 19 Dec 1959 with Mozart's "Le nozze di Figaro". 1980-1981 stage rebuilding and destruction of the last remains of the original stage technology. 1998-2003 major interior and exterior restoration. 561 seats (+ 48 standing). Currently used for drama performances by the resident company, for guest performances by touring companies, and by the festivals "StummFilmMusikTage", "Hörkunstfestival", "PODIUM Freies Theater", and "Internationales Figurentheaterfestival".

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Erlangen: Markgrafentheater Revcrse Text: "Universitätsstadt Erlangen, Markgrafentheater"
Publisher: type art satz & grafik, Dortmund; Ela 539
Size: Modern
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