Erfurt: Schauspielhaus

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Thüringen
City: Erfurt
Location: Klostergang 4

Built 1897 by Georg Weidenbach as a clubhouse for the "Geselligkeitsverein Ressource". 1946-1949 used as "Theater des Tanzes". 1949 convertedto a theatre by Walther Beck. Opened 29 Aug 1949 as "Neues Theater", a municipal drama theatre, with Goethe's "Iphigenie auf Tauris". 1956 renamed "Schauspielhaus Erfurt". 1957 addition of a smaller stage. Closed 2002 before the opening of the new opera house, Theater Erfurt. However, Theater Erfurt did not continue to offer self-produced drama performances, leaving Erfurt without a drama company. Since 2013, plans to revive the deteriorating Schauspielhaus building as a cultural centre. 2016 foundation of the "KulturQuartier Schauspielhaus" cooperative.

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Erfurt: Schauspielhaus Front Text: "Du bist das Schauspielhaus -"
Reverse Text: advertising the KulturQuartier Schauspielhaus cooperative
Publisher: Kulturquartier, Erfurt
Size: Modern
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