Duisburg: Mercatorhalle (old)

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Nordrhein-Westfalen
City: Duisburg
Location: König-Heinrich-Platz

Concert and multi-functional hall, built 1962 at the former site of the Tonhalle. Named after the mathematician and cartographer, Gerhard Mercator (1512-1594). Home to the Duisburger Philharmoniker. Demolished 2003 in favour of a shopping mall and casino with a new multi-purpose hall "Mercatorhalle Duisburg im CityPalais".

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Duisburg: Mercatorhalle (old) Front Text: "Duisburg - Mercatorhalle"
Publisher: Verlag Heinrich Koch, Essen
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Sent: from Duisburg to Trazegnies, Belgium (stamp and postmark removed)

Duisburg: Mercatorhalle (old) Front Text: "Duisburg, Mercatorhalle"
Size: Modern
Sent: from Hagen to Britzingen, 1962

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