Dresden: Musen-Halle

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Sachsen
City: Dresden
Location: Löbtau, Kesselsdorfer Straße 17 / Poststraße

Built in the 1890s. Used for variety performances, concerts, as a ballroom and for church services. Closed in the 1920s. Subsequently used as a department store. 1919 re-opened as a cinema, "Lichtspiele Musenhalle" (also known as "Li-Mu"). Destroyed by bombs in February 1945.

Dresden: Musen-Halle Front Text: "Dresden-Löbtau, Kesselsdorfer Straße 17 - 'Musen-Halle'", inscriptions: "Concert und Ball - Etablissement Variete - Musen Halle", on canopy: "Musenhalle - Täglich Volkstheater - Sonntags 2 Vorstellungen"
Publisher: Kunstverlag Alfred Hartmann, Dresden-A.; 1173
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
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