Berlin: Urania

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Berlin
City: Berlin
Location: Schöneberg, An der Urania 17 / Kleiststraße

[The first "Urania" was built in 1888-1889 in Invalidenstraße 57 for the private society "Urania". The complex housed a public observatory, a scientific theatre, and a phyiscal cabinet. Named after the Greek Muse of Astronomy, Urania. Opened 1 July 1889. Closed 1896 (observatory closed later during World War II). Later used by administration offices. Destroyed in World War II. Subsequently the site was used by a teacher's college. 1965 reconstruction of the scientific theatre to the original site. Currently used by a police office.

The 2nd "Urania" was built 1896 in Taubenstraße 48-49. The complex included a theatre hall (700 seats), a main auditorium (200 seats) and various smaller rooms. Also used as a premiere theatre for UFA documentary movies. Closed 1928. Destroyed in World War II.

In West Berlin, a new society, "Deutsche Kultur-Gemeinschaft Urania Berlin e. V." was founded in 1953. After years as a guest in schools and universities, the society opened a new "Urania" building in 1962 - see below.

In East Berlin, a popular scientific society was founded in 1954 that was renamed "Urania" in 1966. This society did not have an own building but operated in lecture rooms throughout the GDR. Dissolved in 1990 in favour of several regional organizations.]

Built 1962 for the West Berlin private society, "Deutsche Kultur-Gemeinschaft Urania Berlin e.V." Opened 10 Nov 1962. Used for scholarly, scientific, and popular lectures, cabaret performances, movies, concerts, and various other events. The complex includes numerous lecture rooms, a theatre hall, and two cinema halls (860 and 320 seats).


Berlin: Urania Front Text: inscription: "Urania"
Reverse Text: "Mit freundlicher Empfehlung - Ihre Urania Berlin"
Type: Greeting Card, not designed for postal use
Size: Modern

Berlin: Urania First Day Cover (Deutsche Bundespost Berlin, 18 Feb 1988)
Publisher: Fidacos
Text: "100 Jahre Urania"
Stamp: "100 Jahre Urania"; background: the 1889 building, foreground: the 1962 building
Postmark: "Erstausgabe - Berlin 12 - 18.02.1988 - 100 Jahre Urania"

Berlin: Urania

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