Berlin: Radrennbahn Weißensee

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Berlin
City: Berlin
Location: Weißensee

Cycling race track, built 1954 by converting a former horse race track. From the late 1980s, also used for major rock concerts. Site of the largest open-air festival ("Friedenswoche der Berliner Jugend" in June 1988) and the largest solo concert (Bruce Springsteen on 19 July 1988) in the history of the GDR. Demolished in the late 1990s.

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Berlin: Radrennbahn Weissensee Reverse Text: "Bruce-Springsteen-Konzert in Weißensee, 1988. Bruce Springsteen concert in Weissensee, 1988."
Publisher: Jaron Verlag, Berlin; Foto Harald Hauswald
Type: 21st-century postcard of a 1988 photograph
Size: Modern
Not sent.

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