Berlin: Monbijou-Theater

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Berlin
City: Berlin
Location: Mitte, Monbijoustraße / Monbijoupark

Summer park theatre on a temporary stage and auditorium, built on the roof of war bunkers in Monbikoupark. Until 2013, operated by "Hexenkessel Hoftheater" (later "Monbijou-Theater"). Later renamed "Theater an der Museumsinsel".

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Berlin: Monbijou-Theater Picture: background: Berlin television tower
Front Text: "Hexenkessel Hoftheater"
Reverse Text: "'Der Geizige' bis 8. September Di bis Sa 19.30 h, Dachterrasse, Monbijoupark, Eingang Monbijoustraße"
Publisher: Hexenkessel Hoftheater, Berlin; CityCards Dinamix
Type: Advertisement Card
Size: Modern
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