Berlin: Henry-Ford-Bau

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Berlin
City: Berlin
Location: Dahlem, Garystraße 35-37

University building, built 1952-1954 by Franz Heinrich Sobotka for "Freie Universität Berlin", funded by the Ford Foundation. The building contains the university's "auditorium maximum" and a theatre hall. According to the university, the building is supposed to be named after the American industrialist, Henry Ford II (1917-1986), not after his father Henry Ford I, a notorious antisemite.

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Berlin: Henry-Ford-Bau Front Text: above, left: "Freie Universität Berlin", above, right: "Halle im Henry-Ford-Bau", below, left: "Theatersaal", below, right: "Auditorium maximum"
Reverse Text: "Berlin, Freie Universität"
Publisher: ?; 40
Size: Modern
Sent: from Berlin to Hildesheim, 1969
Berlin: Henry-Ford-Bau

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