Berlin: Ballhaus Resi

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Berlin
City: Berlin
Location: Kreuzberg, Hasenheide 32-38

First venue opened before 1910 as a beer garden by the Happoldt brewery. After 1920 operated by the Schultheiss brewery. Main brewery building converted in to a multi-purpose hall named "Orpheum". 1951 the "Orpheum" was re-opened as "Neues Ballhaus Resi" (taking the name of director Paul Baartz's former ballroom in Blumenstraße, itself alluding to the "Residenz Casino", a former venue operated by Baatz). Closed 1978. Demolished 1979.

[The neighbouring "Kaisersaal" ballroom at Hasenheide 31, opened in 1890, was also operated as a part of the "Resi" complex in the 1950s-1970s. It was originally a part of the Union brewery site that was purchased by the Schultheiss brewery in 1914. It has been used as a library in the 1980s and is now closed to the public.]

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Berlin: Ballhaus Resi Reverse Text: "'Ballhaus Resi'. Berlin SW 29, Hasenheide 32-38, Telefon 666500. Die schönsten Wasserspiele der Welt. 200 Tischtelefone - Tischrohrpost - Täglich geöffnet"
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