Aalen: Theater im Alten Rathaus

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Baden-Württemberg
District: Ostalbkreis
City: Aalen
Location: Altes Rathaus, Marktplatz 4

Building first mentioned in 1575. Until 1851 used as an inn. From 1907 until 1975 used as town hall of Aalen. Currently used as by an art gallery, an artistic café and the studio stage of the municipal theatre (in the former town council hall).

Link: www.theateraalen.de, Wikidata

Aalen: Theater im Alten Rathaus Reverse Text: "Aalen, Altes Rathaus, Regieraum Theater - Projekt 'Von INNEN nach AUSSEN' 1999" [Old Town Hall, Theatre, Director's Room]
Publisher: Kunstverein Aalen e. V., 1999
Size: Modern
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