Aachen: Burg-Theater

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Nordrhein-Westfalen
District: Städteregion Aachen
City: Aachen
Location: Adalbertsteinweg 12

[First cinema on the site opened 15 Dec 1928 as "Bavaria II". Ca. 800 seats. 1933 renamed "Kaiserplatz-Lichtspiele". Destroyed by bombs in 1943.]

New cinema built 1948. Opened Dec 1948 as "Burg-Theater". 750 seats. 1956 addition of a smaller hall named "Studio". Closed ca. 1977 and converted into a carpet store.

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Aachen: Burg-Theater Picture: above left: Burg-Theater, above centre: Elysée, above right: Rex-Theater, below left: Elysée, below right: City-Theater
Front Text: "Saal Burg-Theater"
Type: Real Photo; Blank Back
Size: Modern
Not sent.
Aachen: Burg-Theater

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