Vire-Normandie: Théâtre-Cinéma Le Basselin

Country: France
Region: Normandie
Department: Calvados
City: Vire-Normandie
Location: Vire; rue des Cordeliers / rue Notre-Dame / ruelle du Chasson

Built in the 1950s by Marcel Clot. Also known as "Théâtre Municipal de Vire". Named after the medieval Norman poet, Olivier Basselin (1403-1470). Demolished in the 1990s in favour of the theatre/cinema complex "Le Préau" (with a 2-screen cinema again called "Le Basselin").

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Vire-Normandie: Theatre-Cinema Le Basselin Reverse Text: "Vire - Le Théâtre Municipal (Marcel Clot, arch. D.P.L.G.)"
Publisher: Cie. des Arts Photomécaniques, Paris; 1572
Type: Real Photo
Size: Classic
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