Tarbes: Théâtre des Nouvautés

Country: France
Region: Occitanie (Midi-Pyrénées)
Department: Hautes-Pyrénées
City: Tarbes
Location: 44, rue Larrey / rue de Gonnès

Opened 1885 as a private theatre. 1980 bought by the city of Tarbes. 1982-1983 renovations. Re-opened 4 Feb 1983. 588 seats.

Links: www.tarbes.fr, Wikidata

Tarbes: Theatre des Nouvautes Front Text: "Toutes les Pyrénées", "Tarbes - Théâtre des Nouveautés - Eldorado"
Publisher: A. Villatte, Editeur, Tarbes
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Sent: from Roubia to Quillan, 1905

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