Riedisheim: Centre Culturel L'Aronde

Country: France
Region: Grand Est (Alsace)
Department: Haut-Rhin
City: Riedisheim
Location: 20, rue d'Alsace

Arts centre and multi-purpose hall, built 1969-1973 by Yves Steinmetz. Opened 6 March 1973 as "Centre culturel et de loisirs" (CCL). 2011-2013 renovations and extension by a new entrance wing and a new assembly hall. Re-opened 31 August 2013 as "L'Aronde".

Links: www.laronde-riedisheim.fr, www.riedisheim.fr, Wikidata

Riedisheim: Centre Culturel L'Aronde Reverse Text: "68400 Riedisheim. Centre Culturel"
Publisher: Lib. Hild, Riedisheim;
Size: Modern
Sent: from Riedisheim to Paris, 1989

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