Reims: Théâtre (old)

Country: France
Region: Grand Est (Champagne-Ardenne)
Department: Marne
City: Reims
Location: 26, rue Talleyrand

Opened 11 Oct 1777. Closed 1850. Again operated 1862-1870 and 1872/1873. Later demolished.

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Reims: Theatre (old) - Salle de la rue Talleyrand Front Text: "Reims - L'ancien Théâtre rue de Talleyrand, 1778-1888. Aquarelle ancienne, Musée de Rennes"
Publisher: Société des Amis du Vieux Reims, 1909; Phototypie J. Bienaimé 1909; Cliché E. Belval 1909
Type: 1909 postcard reproduction of an 19th century watercolour painting; Divided Back
Size: Classic
Not sent.

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