Reims: Comédie de Reims

Country: France
Region: Grand Est (Champagne-Ardenne)
Department: Marne
City: Reims
Location: 3, chaussée Bocquaine

Built 1966 by Jean Le Couteur and Jacques Herbe. Provisionally opened 1 Oct 1966, officially opened 28 Oct 1969 as "Maison de la Culture André Malraux", named in honour of the French writer and politician, André Malraux (1901-1976). Later renamed "La Comédie de Reims". The complex contains a theatre hall (850 seats), a studio theatre (198 seats, originally a cinema hall), and a multi-media library.

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Reims: Comedie de Reims Front Text: "Reims - La Maison de la Culture"
Reverse Text: "Reims (Marne) - Maison de la Culture André Malraux"
Publisher: Editions 'La Cigogne', Reims; 51.454.227
Size: Modern
Sent: from Reims to Saint-Cloud, 1973
Reims: Comedie de Reims

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