Pontivy: Théâtre des Halles

Country: France
Region: Bretagne
Department: Morbihan
City: Pontivy
Location: 34, rue de Lourmel

Built 1848, replacing a wooden market hall. Converted into a cinema in 1935 and re-opened as "Cinéma Rex" (decorated by Pierre Cadre). Closed.

[The currently operating "Cinéma Rex" is another building in an industrial zone of Pontivy.]

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Pontivy: Theatre des Halles Front Text: "Pontivy (Morbihan) - Le Théâtre et la Rue de Lourmel"
Publisher: J. Sorel, éditeur, Rennes
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Sent: from Pontivy to Paris, 1918(?)

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