Pointe-à-Pitre: Cinéma-Théâtre La Renaissance

Country: France
Region: Guadeloupe
Department: Guadeloupe
City: Pointe-à-Pitre
Location: 5, place de la Victoire

Cinema and theatre, opened 22 March 1930. Used as a live theatre until the 1970s, as a cinema until 2001.

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Pointe-a-Pitre: Cinema-Theatre La Renaissance Reverse Text: "Guadeloupe - Pointe-à-Pitre, La Place de la Victoire et le Cinéma. Guadelopue - Pointe-à-Pitre, Victory Square and Cinema"
Publisher: Prisunic
Type: Real Photo
Size: Classic
Sent: from Point-à-Pitre to Asnières-sur-Seine [date illegible]

Pointe-a-Pitre: Cinema-Theatre La Renaissance Front Text: inscriptions: "Cinéma Théâtre", "La Renaissance"
Reverse Text: "Guadeloupe - Pointe-à-Pitre, Place de la Victoire No 2 - Victory Square"
Publisher: Clichés Candalen
Type: Real Photo
Size: Classic
Not sent.
Pointe-a-Pitre: Cinema-Theatre La Renaissance

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