Paris: Théâtre des Gobelins

Country: France
Region: Île-de-France
Department: Paris
City: Paris
Location: XIII.; avenue des Gobelins

Built 1869 by Alphonse Cusin. Façade sculptures by Auguste Rodin. 800 seats. From 1906, also used as a cinema. 1934 converted into a cinema. 1993 restorations. Closed 2003. Subsequently used as a warehouse for a neighbouring cinema. Demolished 2010 in favour of a new building (with the protected façade remaining).

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Paris: Theatre des Gobelins Front Text: "Paris - Théâtre des Gobelins (Rue de la Gaîté)", poster: advertising the "Le Monstre et le Magicien"
Publisher: J. H.
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Not sent. [With stamp and postmark of 1908, but without address or message.]

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