Paris: Théâtre de Cluny

Country: France
Region: Île-de-France
Department: Paris
City: Paris
Location: V.; 71, boulevard Saint-Germain

Opened Jan 1864 as "Athénée-Musical". 1864 renamed "Théâtre Saint-Germain", 1865 "Folies-Saint-Germain", and 1867 "Théâtre de Cluny". 1933 converted into a cinema and re-opened as "Cluny-Palace". Closed 1989.

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Paris: Theatre de Cluny Front Text: "Paris (5e) - Théâtre de Cluny"
Publisher: J. H.; 322
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Sent: from Paris to Guérigny, 1909

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