Paris: Alhambra (old)

Country: France
Region: Île-de-France
Department: Paris
City: Paris
Location: XI.; 50, rue de Malte

Opened 1866 as "Cirque-Impérial". 1867 renamed "Théâtre du Prince-Impérial", 1869 "Théâtre du Château-d'Eau", 1869 "Opéra Populaire", 1893 "Theátre de la République", 1900 again "Théâtre du Château-d'Eau", 1904 "Alhambra". 1936 shortly renamed "Théâtre du peuple et de la République". Re-opened 1936 again as "Alhambra". 1956 renamed "Alhambra-Maurice Chevalier" in honour of the French singer and actor, Maurice Chevalier (1888-1972). 2500 seats. Demolished 1967.

[In 2008, a new "Alhambra" was opened on a nearby site at 21, rue Yves-Toudic.]

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Paris: Alhambra (old) Front Text: "Paris. - L'Alhambra."
Publisher: J. H.; 258
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Sent: from Paris to Le Havre, 1910

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