Le Havre: Hôtel des Sociétés

Country: France
Region: Normandie
Department: Seine-Maritime (Seine-Inférieure)
City: Le Havre
Location: 11, rue Lord-Kitchener (rue de Mexico)

Multi-purpose event hall, built 1910 by William Cargill. Also known as "Salle des Fêtes". Ca. 700 seats. Destroyed by bombs in 1944. [Later, a residential building was built on the site.]

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Le Havre: Hotel des Societes Front Text: "Le Havre - La Salle des Fêtes de l'Hôtel des Sociétés"
Publisher: [Lévy Fils, Paris]; LL; 67
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Sent: from Le Havre to Cideville, 1913

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