Clichy: Théâtre Rutebeuf

Country: France
Region: Île-de-France
Department: Hauts-de-Seine (Seine)
City: Clichy
Location: 16, allées Léon-Gambetta

Built 1909 by Pierre and Louis Guidetti as a municipal multi-purpose hall ("Salle Municipale"), in a complex with the "Maison Municipal" (containing a library and a music conservatory). Also known as "Salle des Fêtes". Later renamed "Théâtre Rutebeuf" in honour of the French troubadour Rutebeuf (c. 1230-c. 1285). 549 seats.

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Clichy: Theatre Rutebeuf Front Text: "Clichy. - La Salle des Fêtes", inscription: "Salle Municipale"
Publisher: Abeille-Cartes, Paris; A. C. 54
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Sent: from Clichy to Galmaarden (Belgium), 1945

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