Vinnytsia: Budinok Organnoi Muziki

Country: Ukraine (Ukraina)
City: Vinnytsia (Vinnitsa)
Location: Soborna Vulytsya

Cathedral of the Transfiguration, built 1758-1779 by Paolo Fontana. First operated as a sports hall under the Soviet regime, then (since 1980) as "House of Organ Music", a concert hall with a pipe organ. 1990 reconverted into a church. The organ was transferred to the Capuchin church of Our Lady of the Angels.

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Vinnytsia: Budinok Organnoi Muziki Reverse Text: "Vinnitsya, Zal budinku organnoi muziki; Vinnitsa, Zal Doma organnoi muzyki"
Type: Souvenir Card, not designed for postal use
Size: Modern
Not sent.

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