Kharkiv: Kinoteatr Pobeda

Country: Ukraine (Ukraina)
City: Kharkiv (Kharkov)
Location: prospekt Moskovsky 94

[First venue on the site built 1900-1902 by Alexander Vincent as "People's House". Destroyed by fire in 1931.]

Built 1933-1938 by V. I. Pushkarev and V. K. Trosenko as "Chervonozavodsky Teatr Opery". 1963 rebuilding by P. I. Rusinov and E. Lyubomilova. Re-opened as "Palac Kulturi Elektromekhanichnoho Zavodu" (Palace of Culture of the Electro-Mechanical Factory), containing a theatre hall with 1800 seats and a cinema hall with 500 seats). Later converted into a cinema and reopened as "Kinoteatr Pobeda".

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Kharkiv: Kinoteatr Pobeda Front Text: "Kharkov. Dvorets kultury elektromekhanicheskovo zavoda. Kharkiv. Palac kultury elektromekhanichnoho zavodu"
Publisher: USSR Ministery; 1978
Type: postal cover with printed stamp
Size: 16.1 x 11.3 cm
Not sent.

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