București: Palatul Parlamentului

Country: Romania (Romānia)
City: București
Location: Calea 13 Septembrie 1

Parliament building, one of the largest buildings in the world, built 1984-1997 as "Casa Republicii" by Anca Petrescu (with 700 other architects), as ordered by the dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu. The complex contains the theatre, concert and conference hall "Sala C. A. Rosetti", named in honour of the Romanian politician, Constantin Alexandru Rosetti (1816-1885).

Links: cic.cdep.ro, Wikipedia

Bucuresti: Palatul Parlamentului Picture: below right: Sala C. A. Rosetti
Front Text: "București, Palatul Parlamentului"
Reverse Text: "Romānia - București - Palatul Parlamentului. Romania - Bucharest - The Palace of Parliament"
Publisher: Ad Stock; N 228-13
Size: Modern
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