Złotów: Concert- und Theateretablissement Carl Totz

Country: Poland (Polska)
Voivodship: Województwo Wielkopolskie
City: Złotów (Flatow)

Built as "Concert- und Theateretablissement Carl Totz". After World War II, used for theatre performances and concerts of classical, popular and folklore music. Since the 1960s also used as a discotheque and for local party meetings.

[When a new Culture House was built at Złotow in the 1980s, the old "Carl Totz" theatre building was converted into a staples and staplers factory. However, since the theatre in the new Culture House has been left uncompleted for years, most theatre performances at Złotów are held in a cinema built in 1975.]

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Zlotow: Concert- und Theateretablissement Carl Totz Front Text: "Flatow, Westpr. - Concert- und Theateretablissement Carl Totz"
Publisher: Oskar Bannach, Flatow
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Sent: to Konitz, 1912 [without stamp and postmark]

Thanks to Janusz Justyna for providing information on the history of this theatre.

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