Olsztyn: Teatr im. Stefana Jaracza

Country: Poland (Polska)
Voivodship: Województwo Warmińsko-Mazurskie
City: Olsztyn (Allenstein)
Location: ulica 1 Maja 4

Built 1924-1925 by A. Feddersen as "Landestheater Süd-Ostpreußen 'Der Treudank'". Funded by Germans to honour the local citizens who opted for Olsztyn/Allenstein remaining a part of Germany in a 1920 plebiscite, hence the name meaning 'The Thank You for Fidelity'. 1925-1945 used for German theatre performances. Severely damaged during World War II. Re-opened 17 Nov 1945 as a Polish theatre with Gabriela Zapolska's "Moralnosść pani Dulskiej". Renamed "Teatr im. Stefana Jaracza" in honour of the Polish actor, Stefan Jaracz (1883-1945). Currently the theatre includes the main theatre (used for classical drama performances and children's theatre, 470 seats), a chamber theatre (used for modern drama performances, 120 seats), a studio stage "Scena na górze" [Upstairs Stage] (used for recitals and cabaret), and a theatre café also used for lectures. Since 1993, home to the "Olsztynskie Spotkania Teatralne" festival of Polish theatre.

Links: www.teatr.olsztyn.pl, Wikipedia

Olsztyn: Teatr im. Stefana Jaracza Front Text: "Allenstein, O.-Pr. - Landestheater - Der Treudank", inscription on building: "Der Treudank"
Publisher: Reichsbund Deutscher Papier- u. Schreibwarenhändler - Alleinstein, O.-Pr.; T. 2
Type: Real Photo
Size: Classic
Not sent.

Olsztyn: Teatr im. Stefana Jaracza Reverse Text: "Olsztyn - Teatr im. Stefana Jaracza, The Theatre named after Stefan Jaracz (an eminent Polish actor), Le Théâtre portant le nom de Stan Jaracz (célèbre acteur polonais), Olshtin, Teatr im. Stefana Yaratcha (zhnamenitovo polskovo aktora)"
Publisher: Biuro Wydawnicze Ruch
Size: Modern
Sent: from Olsztyn to Legnica, 1965

Olsztyn: Teatr im. Stefana Jaracza Front Text: "Olsztyn", sign: "Teatr"
Reverse Text: "Olsztyn"
Publisher: A. R. W. Pan Dragaon, Gdańsk; 28-9; 5907736300037
Size: Modern
Not sent.

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