Legnica: Central-Theater

Country: Poland (Polska)
Voivodship: Województwo Dolnośląskie
City: Legnica (Liegnitz)
Location: ulica Skarbowa 2 (Klosterstraße 2)

Built 1896-1897 for Louis Winter. Opened 25 Sep 1897 as "Central-Theater". From 1910, operated as a summer theatre by Hermann Röbbeling. Later used as a guest venue for touring companies. 1945 renamed "Kino Polonia", later renamed "Kino Ognisko". Closed.

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Legnica: Central-Theater Front Text: "Central-Theater Liegnitz - Direktion: Frank-Bergmann - Paul Mehnert", above: "Theater-Saal", below: "Kabarett-Saal"
Reverse Text: "Central-Theater Liegnitz - Direktion: Frank-Bergmann - Paul Mehnert"
Handwritten Reverse Text: "Wir bitten um ausführliche Offerte. Hochachtungsvoll FB" (with business stamp: "Central-Theater, Liegnitz - Direction Frank-Bergmann, Paul Mehnert"). Sent to "Herr Dir. P. Uferini, München, Colosseum".
Publisher: Max Umlauf, Kunstverlag, Liegnitz; Nr. 1904
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Sent: from Liegnitz to München, 1915

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