Lądek-Zdrój: Albrechtshalle

Country: Poland (Polska)
Voivodship: Województwo Dolnośląskie
City: Lądek-Zdrój (Bad Landeck in Schlesien)
Location: ulica Lipowa 6A

Multi-purpose event location, opened 1842 as "Albrechtshalle". Named after prince Albrecht von Preußen (1809-1872). Later known as "Uzdrowiskowy Dom Kultury" (spa house of culture). Later again renamed "Albrechtshalle" and used as a café and restaurant.

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Ladek-Zdroj: Albrechtshalle Reverse Text: "Lądek Zdrój. Uzdrowiskowy Dom Kultury"
Publisher: Biuro Wydawnicze Ruch; 36-553I/III A 25 F 39 VII-767-72 B
Size: Modern
Not sent.

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