Bolesławiec: Teatr

Country: Poland (Polska)
Voivodship: Województwo Dolnośląskie
City: Bolesławiec (Bunzlau)
Location: Ulica Teatralna 1

Built 1857 as "Stadttheater" by an unknown architect for the city of Bunzlau, by converting an armory. Opened 25 Dec 1857 with Karl Schiemang's prologue "Die Bühnenweihe" and Heinrich Laube's "Prinz Friedrich". Ca. 400 seats (+ ca. 250 standing). 1885-1886 major rebuilding by Dörich. Re-opened 3 Oct 1886 with a festive ouverture, Caesar Lax's prologue "Des Hauses Weihe", and Gustav Freytag's "Valentin". Ca. 550 seats. 1913 interior alterations by Balzer. 1923 installation of movie theatre equipment. 1925 roof rebuildings. From April 1925 home to the "Schlesisches Landestheater" company. After 1945, used as a drama theatre. 2012 major renovations. Currently known as "Teatr Stary" [Old Theatre].

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Boleslawiec: Teatr Front Text: "Bunzlau - Stadttheater"
Publisher: Theodor Heinrich Biener, Kunstverlag, Bunzlau
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
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Boleslawiec: Teatr Reverse Text: "Bolesławiec - Teatr"
Publisher: Biuro Wydawnicze Ruch; 36-3378 zam. 111 I 68
Type: Real Photo
Size: Modern
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