Veendam: Veenlust

Country: Netherlands (Nederland)
Province: Groningen
City: Veendam
Location: Veenlustplein

Built 1883 as German restaurant of the Amsterdam World Expo. 1884 relocated to Veendam, subsequently used as a theatre (later also cinema), concert hall and café. Opened 24 Aug 1884 with a concert. 350 seats. 1929 renovation and extension (529 seats). 1946 renovation. 1960 major rebuilding. Destroyed by fire on 23 June 1999.

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Veendam: Veenlust Front Text: "Veendam, Veenlust", inscription: "Societeit Veenlust"
Type: Undivided Back
Size: Classic
Sent: to Leeuwarden, 1904

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