Rotterdam: Lutusca Theater

Country: Netherlands (Nederland)
Province: Zuid-Holland
City: Rotterdam
Location: Kruisplein 1

Cinema, built 1946 by three operators whose cinemas (Lumiere, Tuschinski, Scala = LuTuSca) were destroyed in the bombings in World War II. Opened 18 Dec 1946. Closed 1959. Subsequently demolished.

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Rotterdam: Lutusca Theater Front Text: "Rotterdam - Lutusca Theater, Kruiskade", inscriptions: "Lutusca", "Tuschinski", "Lumiere", "Scala", poster: advertising the 1943 film "Mijn onbekende echtgenoot" (The amazing Mrs. Holliday)
Publisher: Uitg. Mij 'Rembrandt', Amsterdam
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
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