Ede: Openluchttheater

Country: Netherlands (Nederland)
Province: Gelderland
City: Ede

Open-air theatre, built 1936. Also known as "Openluchttheater Calluna", after the Latin name of the heather plant, Calluna vulgaris. Also known as "Eder Kuil". 2060 seats.

Links: www.openluchttheaterede.nl, Wikipedia

Ede: Openluchttheater Front Text: "Ede - Openluchttheater"
Publisher: Mij 'Rembrandt', Amsterdam
Size: Modern
Sent: to Amsterdam, 1951

Ede: Openluchttheater Front Text: "Ede, Openluchttheater Calluna"
Publisher: Muva, Valkenburg
Size: Modern
Sent: from Arnhem to ?, 1971

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