Westerveld: Shakespearetheater, Diever

Country: Netherlands (Nederland)
Province: Drenthe
City: Westerveld
Location: Diever; Hezenes 3

Open-air theatre, opened 31 Aug 1946 as "Openluchttheater Diever". Later renamed "Shakespearetheater" after the English playwright, William Shakespeare (1564-1616). [Later extended by an Elizabethan-style open-air theatre building "Globetheater".]

Links: www.shakespearetheaterdiever.nl, Wikidata

Westerveld: Shakespearetheater, Diever Front Text: "Diever, Openluchttheater"
Publisher: J. Brugging, Diever; 157
Type: Real Photo
Size: Classic
Not sent.

Westerveld: Shakespearetheater, Diever Front Text: "Openluchtspel Diever Dr."
Publisher: Uitgeverij van der Meulen, Sneek
Size: Modern
Sent: from Groningen to Veelerveen, 1982

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