Altdorf: Tellspielhaus

Country: Switzerland (Schweiz/Suisse/Svizzera/Svizera)
Canton: Uri
City: Altdorf
Location: Lehnplatz / Schützengasse 11

Built 1865-1867 as a town hall ("Gemeindehaus"). 1925 conversion to a festival theatre (addition of an auditorium with ca. 1200 seats), intended for performances of Schiller's drama "Wilhelm Tell". Renamed "Tellspielhaus" (the second of that name, after a wooden theatre opened in 1899 and demolished in 1915). Also used as municipal theatre, home to the "Theater Uri" company. 546 seats.

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Altdorf: Tellspielhaus Reverse Text: "Altdorf, Tellspielhaus"
Publisher: Wehrliverlag, Kilchberg
Size: Modern
Sent: from Altdorf to Frauenfeld, 1938

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