Brest: Kinateatr Belarus

Country: Belarus
City: Brest
Location: Savetskaya vulitsa

Built 1851 as Choral Synagogue. Damaged by fire in 1865, subsequently rebuilt. Damaged by German troups during the Holocaust in 1941. 1959 seized from the Jewish community by the Soviet administration and converted into a cinema. Re-opened as "Kinoteatr Oktyabr". Ca. 1976 the former synagogue building was surrounded by a round glass façade. Renamed "Kinoteatr Belarus"/"Kinateatr Belarus".

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Brest: Kinateatr Belarus Front Text: sign: "Kinoteatr"
Reverse Text: "Brest. Kinoteatr 'Belarus'"
Publisher: Planeta, Moskva; 1981
Size: Modern
Sent: from the Soviet Union to Gotha (Germany) [postmark illegible]

Brest: Kinateatr Belarus Front Text: sign: "Belarus Kino"
Reverse Text: "Kutok gorada. Kinateatr 'Belarus'. Ugodok goroda. Kinoteatr 'Belarus'. One of the city nooks. 'Belarus' cinema. Un coin de la ville. Cinéma 'Belarus'. Eine Stadtansicht. Kino 'Belarus'. Un rincón de la ciudad. Cine 'Bielorrús'."
Type: Souvenir Card, not designed for postal use
Size: 20.9 x 10.3 cm
Not sent.

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