Sofia: Zala Festivalna

Country: Bulgaria
City: Sofia
Location: ulica Manastirksa 35 / ulica Atanas Uzunov

Sports and multi-purpose hall, built 1968 for the 9th International Youth and Students' Festival. Used mainly for sports, but also for exhibitions, shows, concerts and conferences. 2017 renovations, re-opened as "Asics Arena".

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Sofia: Zala Festivalna Reverse Text: "Sofiya - Zala 'Festivalna', Sofiya - Festivalnnyi zal, Sofia - La salle 'Festivalna', Sofia - Die Festivalhalle"
Publisher: Septemvri; D-3600-A, IP 336-21a/75
Size: Modern
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Sofia: Zala Festivalna Stamp (Bulgaria, 1978)
Text: "Sofiya Zala Festivalna"

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